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Canva is a graphic design website. It offers lots of images, graphics and fonts. You can create presentations, worksheets, posters, cards, social media posts, etc. It has many ready-made templates, images and elements that you can use.


Screenshot of Canva Application
Screenshot of Canva Application

Thanks to Virpi Janhunen from Hytölä Primary School, Finland for recommending this tool.

Virpi is a primary school teacher at Hytölä Primary School in Konnevesi, Finland. She’s been teaching for 30 years in the same school and mostly in 1st and 2nd grades. Her subjects are Finnish, maths, information technology, environmental studies, arts and crafts. Because she works in a small village school, the class sizes are small, about 3 – 8 pupils in each grade and that´s why two different grades are combined to the same classroom. Teaching has always been her dream job and she’s happy that she has been able to do this job such a long time. She has done teaching work during the fast technological development. At the same time she’s also tried to develop herself with new teaching technologies. During freetime, she enjoys books and puzzles. And in the summer she takes care of her garden.

“I have used Canva for many years and made several worksheets for my pupils. Canva makes the worksheets look more motivating and interesting. The result is like it was made by a professional.”

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