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Nearpod is an all in one platform combining elements such as VR, videos, quizzes, collaboration boards, taacher assessment metrics and more.


Screen shot of NearPod application
Screenshot of the Nearpod application<br />

Thanks to Rachel Stack from Edmund Rice College Dublin, Ireland for recommending this tool.

Rachel teaches maths and geography with a class size of 30 students. She’s previously worked in Finance and transitioned to teaching. Teaching for 3 years at Edmund Rice College.

“I planned whole lessons on this platform, so all the elements of my classroom teaching were consolidated into one place where students could interact with it and it fed back student data around participation and assessment of learning throughout. Positives for teacher: one platform, so not having multiple tabs open, more engaging options such as VR and each to use. Lessons can be saved and used again. Positives for students: novelty, content available on their screen so not struggling to see the whiteboard slides, more engaged and increased participation .”

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