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Padlet is a platform in which you can create a single or multiple walls that are able to house all the posts you want to share. The tool allows a realization and a presentation of any possible themes in an interactive and collaborative way.


Screenshot of the Padlet application
Screenshot of the Padlet application

Thanks to Maria do Rosário Marques Luís from Agrupamento de Escolas Gil Paes, Portugal for recommending this tool.

Maria was born in Portugal and has lived there all of her life. Since she began teaching in 1991 and she’s taken a lot of different roles in the Teaching Area. As the Teaching Sector has always been changing since she started, she’s always had to keep up with these changes and develop in the same way. Currently she teaches Natural Sciences in 7th Grade and takse part in several projects with her fellows.

As the students get more motivated and got immersed in the themes they work on, as a teacher is much more beneficial to give my classes as I’m able to get their attention much easier.

In this year I’ve developed a padlet with the students about the minerals and their own properties and I could see the difference of their interest in this specific theme.

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