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The type of content that can be created with Tinkercad is quite diverse, ranging from simple models, such as puzzle pieces and miniatures, to more complex projects, such as product prototypes, architectural models and mechanical components. The versatility of the tool allows it to be applied in several areas, including product design, engineering, architecture, interior design, among others.

To use Tinkercad, users only need a computer with internet access and a compatible web browser. No additional software installations are required, as the platform is completely web-based and does not require any type of download or installation. Additionally, Tinkercad is free for personal and educational use, making it accessible to a wide and diverse audience.


Screenshot of the Tinkerpad application
Screenshot of the Tinkerpad application

Thanks to Teresa Rosa from Agrupamento de Escolas Gil Paes, Portugal for recommending this tool.

Teresa has 31 years of consolidated experience in the educational field. As an electronics and electricity teacher, responsible for classes made up of approximately 24 students, whose average age is around 17 years old, the focus is on the pedagogical practices adopted and the challenges inherent to the teaching and learning process in this specific area.

As a teacher of electronics and electricity on professional courses, using Tinkercad can provide a number of significant benefits for both your teaching and student development. A concrete example of using Tinkercad can be the creation of virtual electronic circuit projects to complement practical teaching in the classroom.

Using Tinkercad as a tool to support teaching electronics and electricity can provide significant benefits, including a better understanding of theoretical concepts, the development of practical and collaborative skills, and access to additional learning resources. Integrating this platform into my pedagogical practice contributed to the formation of more capable students prepared for the challenges of the job market in the area of ​​electronics and mechatronics.

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