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Wizer.me is a free tool and is an online interactive worksheet. The worksheet is designed by the teacher and it gives many options of different types of questions that can be asked. The different functions include open ended questions, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, matching activities, sorting, fill in labels of diagram, free drawing, and word searches.

Website: https://app.wizer.me/

Screeenshot of Wizer.me Application
Screeenshot of Wizer.me Application

Thanks to Aoife Murphy from Edmund Rice College Dublin, Ireland for recommending this tool.

Aoife is a newly qualified Home Economics, Biology and Science teacher with a Masters of Education. She teaches a range of different classes from 1st to 5th year. Her classes range from 12-24 students. She works in an iPad school in which students have access to different online platforms.

This tool has many benefits. As a teacher it is an excellent way to monitor the classes work and all their work is available to the teacher at all times and you can see in real time the students’ progress. It will also keep track of how much time the student has spent on the worksheet. It is accessible to many different students as it is easily differentiated due to the many features. It is a great way to assess the students as the teacher can take the time to look through all the work individually.

I have personally used this resource in many different classes and it works for a variety of subjects. The students also enjoy it as it’s a change from the written work they may be used to and once they submit it they can get feedback on how they did. I have used it most recently in a Home Economics class on the topic of proteins in which I got the students to fill in a worksheet asking multiple questions such as multiple choice one different elements that proteins contain, a drawing question on getting the students to draw amino acids chains, a matching activity for sources of protein. Along with other opened ended questions and finishing with a reflection on the content covered.

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