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Wordwall allows teachers to create interactive games and printed materials for their students.


Screenshot of the Wordwall application
Screenshot of the Wordwall application

Thanks to Daniela Cappelletto from IC TONIOLO Pisa, Italy for recommending this tool.

Daniela has a degree in Continuing Education Sciences and New Technologies at the University of Florence; Specialist degree in Communication Theories at the University of Florence; Permanent teacher since 1983; in 1992 she participated in the experimentation of the Ministry of Education for the introduction of new technologies in teaching; over the years she has taken part in training courses on the subject also as a trainer. She currently teaches a third class.

“When we use [Wordwall] the students are very participatory and it serves as reinforcement for disciplinary objectives; when we create it, the kids deploy a series of very important skills (creativity, research skills, collaboration).”

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